The humanitarian crisis in Venezuela has led millions of Venezuelan refugees to flee to other countries in the region and around the globe. Access to medication is a driving motivator. Michel Sidibé, former Executive Director of UNAIDS, stated that nearly 10% of Venezuelans with HIV—approximately 8,000 people—have immigrated, mainly to countries in the region.


Since the start of 2019, we have expanded AID FOR AIDS’ response to the health and humanitarian crisis and the regional migration crisis it has caused. We have done this by procuring and distributing medication to Venezuelan migrants with HIV in Colombia and Ecuador.


Thanks to a large donation from a pharmaceutical company, we are currently securing treatment for 750 Venezuelans in Ecuador and 2,100 Venezuelans in Colombia, which will be distributed to them between July and December 2019.


AID FOR AIDS is proud to guarantee access to treatment to the growing migrant population in Colombia and Ecuador through our joint work with the Health Ministries of both governments.