AID FOR AIDS (AFA) operates the largest HIV Medicine Recycling Program in the world. The HIV Medicine Recycling Program recovers unused, unexpired life-saving medication that otherwise would have been wasted and then re-distributes it to those without access in developing countries through the Access to Treatment Program. Through these programs, AFA works to provide the vital medication to people with HIV and connects them to key services for treatment planning and resource management. Since 1996, AFA has sent nearly $160 million in medication to over 20,000 people in 59 countries through our Access to Treatment Program.


¿Cuánto Sabes? is an innovative program using neuro-linguistic programming as its overarching framework, combining HIV education with life skills as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO). The program is transmitted through peer-to-peer education techniques (Multiplying Agents). This model aims to prevent the spread of HIV by developing a culture of responsible and healthy sexuality. The program reaches over 100,000 youth per year and has been implemented in 8 different countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.


AID FOR AIDS advocates with New York City and State governments to pass legislative proposals and bring attention and resources to the issues and concerns of people with HIV, particularly immigrants and other vulnerable communities in New York City. In addition, AID FOR AIDS advocates with the US government and with international organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and foreign governments, to mobilize and coordinate effective responses to issues affecting people with HIV on the global level.


Healing Venezuela responds to the severe and high levels of infant malnutrition Venezuela has faced since 2016, through the distribution of infant formula to mothers who cannot or should not breastfeed due to different health conditions. AID FOR AIDS provide proper feeding to babies from 0 to 12 months old for the first 12 months of life. AFA partners with pediatricians in different health centers across the country to locate and enroll babies. AFA monitors their development through indicators such as height and weight. In 2018, AFA secured proper nutrition for 400 babies for the first 12 months of their lives in 13 states of Venezuela.