Since 2016, we have dedicated a large part of our efforts to responding to the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. Thanks to strategic alliances with UNAIDS, PAHO, ViiV Healthcare, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Gilead Sciences, and the Venezuelan Network of Positive People, we significantly reduced the impact of the shortage of HIV and malaria medicine in Venezuela in 2018.


We developed an innovative mechanism that manages to avert the government’s general ban on international humanitarian aid in order to improve access to treatment for people in Venezuela. This allowed us to be the first and largest provider of antiretroviral and antimalarial drugs to Venezuela in 2018.


AID FOR AIDS has become part of the working group for the implementation of the Master Plan for the Strengthening of the HIV, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Response in Venezuela—an international response plan for these three diseases developed by the Pan-American Health Organization, UNAIDS, and others.


Under the plan, 83.3% of Venezuelans will switch to an HIV treatment regimen called TLD, and AID FOR AIDS will focus on:

  1. procuring and distributing HIV medicines for the remaining 16.7% of Venezuelans with HIV who are not transitioning regimens;
  2. procuring and distributing medicines for opportunistic diseases;
  3. procuring and installing diagnostic equipment and reagents to conduct CD4 and viral load testing for people with HIV and;
  4. procuring and distributing medicine for people suffering from or at risk of malaria.