This summer AID FOR LIFE launched its first pilot project, seeking to expand AFA’s Healing Venezuela program. The program, which has been addressing infant malnutrition amongst babies between 0-12 mo. through the distribution of baby formulas, will now reach children between 1 and 12 years old by providing nutritional supplements.


The project seeks to fulfill the nutritional needs of children in Venezuela, ensuring their healthy brain development and growth. Recent estimations signal more than 1,300,000 children in Venezuela are currently living with malnutrition. At AFA and AFL we have been working on developing innovative mechanisms to allow us to feed as many children as possible, such is the case with this new powerful nutritional supplement that will ensure they meet their developmental needs.


The distribution of the supplements will begin in Táchira, Lara, Distrito Capital, Miranda and Vargas on a first stage basis while we prepare to cover the rest of the country. Likewise, AFL will be in charge of closely monitoring all the advancements in order to guarantee the nutritional evolution of each beneficiary, in accordance with the standards established by the World Health Organization.


You can help us reach our goal of feeding 400,000 children in Venezuela by donating through our website or supporting our fundraising events.


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