AID FOR LIFE (AFL) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves vulnerable populations, including migrants and asylum seekers in the Americas.  

AFL’s programs seek to improve the living conditions of those at risk of social vulnerability in low and middle income countries, provide humanitarian aid for those in transit, and assist with the resettlement process. 

AFL views the migration crisis from a humanitarian perspective and offers a regional response


Mitigate the humanitarian needs of vulnerable populations in the Americas.

Programs were originally created to alleviate the effects of Venezuela’s complex humanitarian emergency but once proven successful, AFL applied them to other countries across the region.

Healing Program Milestone:

Has provided 3,000 infants in Venezuela with formula during their first year of life to ensure proper cognitive development and delivered nutritional supplements to 3,000 school children in Colombia.

Provide services to in-transit populations throughout their journeys.

AID FOR LIFE has offices in key cities to serve migrants along migration paths throughout the Americas.

Food Provision:

Feeding 500-1000 Venezuelan refugees daily in Cucuta, located on the Venezuela-Colombia border. One million meals have been served to date.

Access to Health Services:

Tu Salud Digital/ Your Health is a proprietary app that connects migrants with healthcare services – including doctors, lab testing, and psychologists along the routes they take.

Support the resettlement processes of asylum seekers and migrants.

As a new wave of migrants began arriving in New York City with urgent needs,  AFL started providing emergency aid. Long-term programs are now developing to support this population’s integration and well-being.  

Humanitarian & Supportive Services:

Weekly events – called Jornadas – provide clothing, shoes, hot meals and information to newly arrived migrants and asylum seekers. Serving over 8,000 individuals in NYC since July 2022.

Case Management & Service Navigation:

Case managers evaluate individuals’ needs via an assessment, create a care plan and make referrals to external agencies.

Emotional Support Services:

Pilot project centers on a peer-to-peer model for delivering mental health support in partnership with The New School.

Legal Support:

Offering Spanish-speaking migrants and asylum seekers free, safe, legal support for their immigration cases.