As  New York City and other cities across the world start to reopen, we are reminded of how much the small pleasures of life mean to us: the fresh air, eating out with friends, hugging and even celebrating milestones with our loved ones.


However, some of the bigger celebrations will have to remain postponed as a way to prevent a relapse of the pandemic, at least until a vaccine is available. That is the case for our long-awaited My Hero Gala and My Hero Bash, which won’t be taking place this fall. However, next year will be a very special celebration: AID FOR AIDS 25th anniversary!


Nevertheless, AID FOR AIDS and AID FOR LIFE have a lot to celebrate this year and we look forward to the chance of toasting our achievements with you. Although our traditional celebration will have to wait until 2021, our Communications and Creative Teams have expanded and are working hard to continue bringing us closer together and spreading the joys of the values that we stand for: solidarity, diversity, unity, respect, love and many others.


We want you to continue being a part of our milestones and share a special surprise with you. Please update your address and personal info here.