As we announced it in the past issue of our Newsletter, for the last several years, AID FOR AIDS (AFA) has focused on helping alleviate the complex humanitarian crisis in Venezuela by coordinating and ensuring the delivery of medicines into the country. As we came to realize the deep complexity of the crisis, we decided it was time to step up our efforts and expand our mission in order to address concerns beyond HIV treatments and services, specially in regards to Venezuela. As a result, in 2018 we founded AID FOR LIFE (AFL), AFA’s sister organization with a broader scope. AFL allows us to cover a larger spectrum of issues and gives us a more flexible platform to act in all matters regarding assistance to vulnerable communities in developing countries.


AFL has been addressing infant malnutrition in Venezuela among newborn babies who cannot or should not be breast fed by their mothers due to their health conditions, orphan babies, and babies who have been abandoned through its Healing Venezuela program, an endeavor started by AFA and now expanded under AFL. Most recently and thanks to corporations such as Globant and the support of more than 300 personalities that have shared the “Echarle Pichón Challenge”, we are feeding 1,300 babies with our program. Currently, we are present in 28 health centers located throughout 17 states and 21 cities across the country.


All of this has been made possible thanks to the development of an innovative mechanism involving the private sector, civil society and NGOs as well as AFA’s dedicated team in Venezuela. We also want to recognize the work and support of the pediatric doctors and general care providers, NGOs and volunteers that make our program a reality. Meanwhile, we continue to monitor each baby’s nutritional evolution and striving to raise more funds through the “Echarle Pichón Challenge”.


Join us and help us reach our goal of feeding 3,000 babies in Venezuela!