Summer has arrived and with it the reopening of the city. However, COVID-19 remains a challenge for NYC and the rest of the world. We hope you are staying healthy and safe and encourage you to continue taking the necessary precautions to keep the virus under control.


The past months have also been challenging due to the hurtful reality  of discrimination and racial injustice that we have had to face. As established in our mission, at AID FOR AIDS we work with people and communities that have been subject to stigmatization and discrimination, which has taught us many lessons.


At AFA we believe in the potential that each one of us has to become leaders of change, and we encourage our community to be a part of this process of introspection that begins with seeing a broader, more diverse and inclusive world. We hope this internal process will lead to visible outcomes in a more respectful and tolerant society.


At AID FOR AIDS and AID FOR LIFE we continue working  to serve the most vulnerable communities by guaranteeing their access to comprehensive health services and nutrition as a key element for social development. As part of our commitment, we have expanded our Healing Venezuela program through an investment of $500,000, allowing us to reach 6,000 new children distributed throughout 5 states of Venezuela.


We are also working on the development of a teleconsultation platform that will allow us to guarantee healthcare to thousands of migrants in Latin America, have started the purchase of medicines to reinforce the HIV Drug Recycling Program and will be participating in the 23rd edition of the International AIDS Conference.


Finally, we officially announce that due to COVID-19 we will not be able to celebrate the My Hero Gala or the My Hero Bash this year. However, our creative team is working hard to keep us connected and in great spirits! Please update your personal information here and stay tuned for more surprises to come!


Thank you,

Jesus Aguais