Due to the pandemic, our My Hero Gala 2020 took a very different form this year as we honored you and every single one of our supporters, our true heroes through a digital campaign that highlighted the sense of community and gratitude for your support over the years.


The campaign also aimed to reinforce how your donations go a long way to help us in saving lives one by one. Hope and good deeds can be contagious too, and every donation enables us to continue supporting  thousands of beneficiaries across the world: feeding babies in Venezuela, providing HIV treatment to people in Egypt or performing free HIV tests for immigrants in NYC. Your donation makes a difference. 


We look forward to celebrating you again next year, at an even more special My Hero Gala: the 25th Anniversary of AID FOR AIDS! If you haven’t donated through our My Hero Gala 2020 campaign, please click here to support us! Every donation counts.