AFA Venezuela was founded in 1996, with the donation of ARVs from the headquarters of AID FOR AIDS in New York City to Venezuelans with HIV.

The progressive increase of applications demanded in 1998 the official establishment of AID FOR AIDS Venezuela, establishing itself as the first office in Latin America.

The inherent needs of this health situation, determined in 2000 the opening of the comprehensive care program for children and adolescents with HIV.

In 2004, the program How Much Do You Know? was createad.

Programs in our AID FOR AIDS Venezuela office

Access to treatment program

It facilitates access to treatment to people with HIV who do not have access and those who resist the treatment scheme offered by the Ministry of Health, offering new therapeutic alternatives in agreement with the treating doctor, in order to guarantee the follow-up and monitoring.

Since 2014, AID FOR AIDS Venezuela grants ART to people with HIV nationwide at times of shortages in the country.


“How Much Do You Know?” program

The “How Much Do You Know?” program offers training to teachers who educate children and young people in educational institutions, health professionals, companies and organizations, people with HIV and their families, and the general public by empowering them with clear, correct and udpated information about HIV, contemplating the development of life skills, proposed by the World Health Organization, to promote the eradication of stigma and discrimination against people with HIV.

This is achieved by incorporating Neurolinguistic Programming techniques that update false beliefs and use an inclusive language. By incorporating these skills and knowledge in their daily lives, people are empowered to take care of their health, achieving a better quality of life and appreciating the importance of a healthy lifestyle.


Access to treatment program (2004-2017)

  • 70 people with HIV have received free antiretroviral treatment, delivered monthly.
  • 1,139 people receiving antiretroviral treatment from July 2017 to June 2018, due to shortage of medicines in Venezuela.


“How Much Do You Know?” program (2004-2017)

  • 1,154 trained teachers
  • 100 trained health professionals
  • 11,540 trained children.
  • 3,009 young peer-to-peer agents
  • 105,390 children and adolescents have received education and training regarding life and development skills
  • 860 educational facilities reached
    • 737 public instititutions and 123 private institutions

Contact information

Administrative office
Address:Calle Ribas, Centro Empresarial (Torre Chocolate), Piso 7, Oficina 7D, Los Teques
Phone number:
+58 (0212) 716-0817 / (0212) 514-7947
[email protected]


Our staff

Alba Álvarez
Access to Treatment Program Coordinator
[email protected]

Ruth Cañizales
Education and Training Program Coordinator
[email protected]

Celso Sotelo
Healing Venezuela Coordinator
[email protected]

Yohely Reyes
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]

Ania Pulido
[email protected]



Valentina Pérez Padrón
José Barrios
Clemente Rodríguez


Social network


Our allies

  • ONUSIDA Venezuela
  • Red Venezolana de Gente Positiva ( RVG+)
  • Acción Ciudadana contra el Sida. (ACCSI)

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